From growing up in Manchester to living in Wales and Ireland my interests have always been the same. I love horses, the countryside and most living species be they animal or plant. I have a strong need to share the beauty I see around me with other people. How to capture the look of love in a horses eye, the magical beauty of them moving across the ground or the splendour of the ground itself and all that grows there. So much of what we see around us, we take for granted. When was the last time you really looked at a flower or tree? Do you get captivated by the way the sun looks at twilight? or the way the clouds move across a summer sky? I still do and I want to share that with everyone who looks at my artwork. Nothing is static, things change and you can never recapture the exact moment or can you? If I can capture something of the magic on canvas then I will, this is what drives me, what makes me try harder. My works are all a moment in time that will not happen again. A look, a shake of the head, grass moving under the wind. The way the sun shines on a certain spot be it a flower petal or a horses flowing mane they all inspire me to try to capture the magic of the moment.